Piaffe in english

PIAFFE – issued for the first time in March 2007

is designed as a magazine and forum for classical equitation – starting with Xenophon. Under Juergen Kemmler’s professional editing, who has been in horse journalism for 35 years, a magazine has been developed which does not accept compromises and is dedicated to the distribution of the old masters’ ideas, from French Légèreté to the German classicism, which has developed from HDV 12. In doing so, the magazine does not focus on a special horse breed.

The most important goal of the magazine is to serve the horse’s wellbeing by conveying knowledge and equestrian education. PIAFFE accommodates this unconditioned motto through articles of almost scientific quality and unusual depth of details. High professional competency in combination with absolutely unsparing openness in the thematic discussion about the developments of modern equitation and equestrian tournaments are the very special characteristic of PIAFFE and quickly put it on a superior readers-magazine-bond and a high reputation with important opinion leaders of equine sports.

In order to make the knowledge included in PIAFFE also accessible for international readers, the magazine contains a full translation of the major topic in English. All other articles can be found as pure text on the English PIAFFE-website www.piaffe.eu. Therefore, using the magazine for all the pictures and graphics and the website for the English translation of the article makes all articles available to our international readers.

Magazine translation for the international reader

To a growing community of international readers, we offer the content of our magazine Piaffe in English here.
For pictures and graphics please refer to the referenced magazine page.

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