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riding in the meaning of the old riding masters


horse riding lessons and equestrian training in truth and in balance

Training on site

We always recommend on site training for Vertical riding and understanding. You are always invited to experience Vertical during a visit, a lesson or even several intensive days of training in a row directly at Oliveira Stables in Waal.
We kindly ask you to register in advance. A visit without registration is not possible. But if you register early, we will organize everything and also accompany your visit here in order to give you as many insights as possible. 

Online trainingnew

Online training: In order to complete and adapt the offer, online riding lessons are now also possible – you can dial in via Zoom and improve yourself and your horse together…

  • with Manuel Jorge de Oliveira himself (200,- €) 
  • with the director of Oliveira Stables Christina Wunderlich (125,- €)
  • with a team member of Oliveira Stables (95,- €)
How to book

Please send an E-mail to info@wu-wei-welt.com and let us know, how you would like to experience the training. We will do our best to support and help you. 

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Oliveira Stables TV

TV channel

Our TV channel grants ongoing and constant learning in German and English.

learning at home

Films & books

More than one hundred books and films have been published by Wu Wei Welt. The most important ones are available in english language.