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Wu Wei Welt focuses on the welfare of the horses, on riding with ease and suppleness and the unity between human and horse.

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This english section of our website is addressing our international visitors. Check our various options and find out how to continue your riding education.

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Find out about our training center near Munich, Germany, where "Vertical" is the basis for all riding. For every breed, every level of education and any later specialization the student may pursue.

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for the welfare of the horses

More than one hundred books and films have been published by Wu Wei Welt.
The most important ones are available in english language to reach our for the international public.

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Our TV channel grants ongoing and constant learning in German and English


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for the preservation of values and knowledge in the sense of the horse


The Story

How did the Wu Wei Welt come about? 

Isabella Sonntag founded Wu Wei World and Oliveira Stables. But who is Isabella Sonntag? Well, she's a leisure rider, like most. Like you and me. She's not a professional, but she's been searching for the truth from the beginning of her way with horses – the truth about riding, and the truth for horses. On her way, she founded the Wu Wei publishing company in 1999. She wanted to dedicate herself to what is important to her – riding and horses. 

Isabella Sonntag published a hundred books on health themes, spiritual themes, she published guidebooks, books for young people and above all books about riding and equestrian training with horses. She organized seminars, training and further education courses under the umbrella of the publishing house. On her way she came across many trainers (also the very famous ones), she knows all face to face and with some she produced books and films. But there was always something missing.

She was never fully convinced – until she connected to the Portuguese ex-bullfighter Manuel Jorge de Oliveira. Finally she found what was missing with all the other trainers. Together they fulfilled the dream of Oliveira Stables in Waal (near Munich, Germany) in 2015, an equestrian school for riding in truth and in balance. For every breed, every level of education and any later specialization the student may pursue. Vertical has to be the BASELINE.

And never forget: Vertical is nothing NEW or something created by Oliveira Stables - it's our designation for riding in the meaning of the old riding masters.