WuWeiS e.V.

Association for the preservation of values and knowledge in the sense of the horse

the association

Committed to preserving old riding knowledge and values ​​in the interest of the horse...

We founded WuWeiS e.V. 7/26/2010 as a non-profit association. We are committed to preserving old riding knowledge and values ​​in the interest of the horse and we support new projects for the benefit of the horse. Both in high-performance sport and in leisure riding humans inflict pain, suffering and damage to their horses, due to a lack of knowledge riding ability or exaggerated ambition. This is ethically unacceptable!

We want support change and deepen real relationship to horses and focus on:

  • Education and training of riders and trainers of all riding styles in competitive and leasure riding.
  • Sensitive projects for the rehabilitation and recovery of "destroyed" horses.
  • Targeted promotion of young riders.
  • Commitment to research and science.

The infinite knowledge of Manuel Jorge de Oliveira helps us in this. He has been traveling all over the world for over 40 years to help people who have problems in handling their horses. Thanks to his inexhaustible wealth of experience and his in-depth knowledge, he can empathize with even the most difficult horses in extreme situations, analyze them, speak their language and thus recognize and solve problems. He almost merges with the creature horse. He is increasingly concerned with the realization that most horses that have physical problems also have mental disorders. He attributes this to the wrong understanding, misleading handling and above all to the way of riding.

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Everyone can help and contribute, it pays back through the horses that give us beauty, joy and energy.

We have made it our goal to give rehab horses a chance and to support and fund their recovery and training.

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